Working together

We use Slack and Github as our primary tools to work as a group. Join us on the #satrdays-chat channel on the R User Groups Slack to chat.


We have built a set of partials for Hugo which are designed as a quick start solution for each events individual website. They are hosted on GitHub along with guidance on their use.

Most of our websites are Hugo or Jekyll and are deployed on Netlify.


We have a specific account for Tito that charges 1% commission on tickets due to the community, non-profit nature of the events. Use the slack channel to request access from Dave Parr.

Eventbrite, Tito and Ticket Tailor have all been used for events in the past.


Most event organisers use Mailchimp to build a mailing list of attendees and communicate with them.

Call for Papers

We have an ongoing discount with and will support the use of this with the remaining R Consortium funds for folks to use for their CFPs.