Here’s the list of things we need to do when someone starts a satRday event:

  1. Make sure the events calendar is correctly filled out
  2. Make sure the leader understands the important requirements about a satRday
  3. Recommend a past organiser they can lean on for advice, above and beyond the central team who will also be available
  4. Make a channel on the R UG ORganiser slack like satrdays-[city] and invite the leader (this might be optional if folks would like to work purely within the github team interface)
  5. Add the lead organiser on github to the satrdays org
  6. Make a github team like [city][yyyy] and add the lead organier in the maintainer role. This will allow them to add other team members in future.
  7. Add a copy of the website template as a new repo with name [city][yyyy]
  8. Give the team admin permissions over this repo
  9. Setup a netlify deployment of the site and use a custom domain of the format [city][yyyy].satrdays.org